Vespers in Diaspora

A simple service of Evening Prayer to celebrate the Annunciation.

Matins in Diaspora

Join us for Morning Prayer for the Feast of the Annunciation.

Service of the Word for Home (Sundays)

While we are physically distant from one another, check here for worship for each Sunday and/or Wednesday in Lent! We hope to gather together again by Palm Sunday, but check our website or Facebook regularly for updates.

We will be using Zoom as a platform for live worship on Sundays. If you would like to join that, please check our Facebook page or contact the church office by 12noon on Fridays. 

A Way of the Cross (Wed. Evening)

Share in this devotion to end your day. A simple service (about 30 minutes) of scripture, silence, prayer, and contemplation.

Sundays @ CALC


Worship every Sunday with Holy Communion

Memorial Day-Labor Day @9:30am

Labor Day- Memorial Day @10:30am

Adult Forum

Weekly Adult Forum education hour takes place in the Reumann Library--in the building across the driveway from the Sanctuary.

We gather every Sunday @9:15am (Labor Day-Memorial Day)


We love to share food and catch up on what has happened in the past week! Join us after every worship service for a time of nibbles and conversation. If the weather is nice, we'll be outside in the garden!

Other Times Together

What to Expect When You Visit

You Are Invited!

No really, you are invited to be a part of anything and everything going on at CALC. We love welcoming visitors and want you to be comfortable  when you come. So here's just a couple things you might be wondering:


YES! You're not just welcome, you're invited! Christ Ascension is proudly and adamantly a Reconciling in Christ congregation. This means that all people are invited to full participation in our life together here. And we mean it. Regardless of your sexual orientation, gender understanding/expression, race, marital status, socio-economic status, nation of origin, documentation status, political affiliation, history with addiction, or anything else you can think of: you are whole-heartedly invited to journey with us. We live this invitation fully...we even have a gay pastor! We hope you find God's Grace and Love among us. 


While we share in a variety of worship styles from Sunday morning Eucharist to midweek prayers around tables, CALC has a casual but traditional style. We hold to a more traditional order of worship and music is accompanied by piano and organ. During the Program Year, we have a wonderful choir that leads us in singing. But we try not to be too stuffy! We share a variety of music styles and liturgical settings. We engage all ages and all senses when we are together. We hope you'll enjoy your time as much as be fed by Jesus present in our midst. 


Communion is shared at all Sunday morning worship services, all Holy Day services (except Good Friday), and many of our midweek services. Additionally, if you would like Communion while you are hospitalized or unable to attend worship for health reasons, please contact the church office and Pastor Jay will gladly come for a visit. When we gather, unless otherwise noted, the Lord's Supper is offered with gluten and gluten-free bread as well as both wine and grape juice.


For worship, we wear a wide range of fashions. Some of us come with ties on, some of us come in jeans. If it's the summer, we mostly come in something cool and comfy (Pastor Jay wears shorts). However you dress is just fine!

For our fellowship events, unless there's something particularly special going on, we dress quite casually...although some of us coming from work may still have our uniforms or ties or name badges on. Again, we care more that you're here than what you're wearing.


For all of our events, folks arrive anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 minute before the scheduled time. If you're early, you'll have some extra time to look around and have some friendly conversations with those of us getting ready. 


We are grateful that we have a small parking lot--a real rarity for city congregations! Our lot has limited parking for roughly 10 cars. You can use the driveway between the sanctuary building and Kimes Hall (our parish hall). If you're coming a little closer to time, you might want to find parking somewhere in the neighborhood. Free parking is available on Southampton and on Germantown directly in front of Jenks School (when school is not in session). There is a pay lot just up Germantown from us. Currently, CALC does not have free street parking other than what is offered.


Unfortunately, we have to admit that our Sanctuary building is not fully accessible to those in wheelchairs. However, Kimes Hall is fully accessible and we do share Accessible Worship at least once a month there. If you would like more information about accessibility, please call the church office.


Yes and no. We do hope you'll participate as fully as you are comfortable. We do a lot of standing up and sitting down, singing and praying, and every Sunday and Holy Day we share Communion. If you're comfortable, we hope you'll join with us in all those. And we hope you'll stay for fellowship after worship...we do love food and conversation. But we understand if you need to leave right after any event. 


We happily welcome God's children of all ages to all of our events. Some of our Book Group or Movie Night subjects may not be particularly suitable to the whole family, but feel free to give the church office a ring and see. In worship we are happy when little faces peer over the pews and there is a soft space in the back with quiet toys and books for the littlest hands. Be sure to ask an usher for a children's bulletin!


No. There is no expectation that you disconnect from your life outside of CALC when you are here. We do ask that you turn your phones and devices on silent and are respectful of those around you and their manner of worship. But feel free to take pictures (ask permission before taking people-pictures) or even live Tweet Pastor's sermon! Just be sure to check-in when you do so folks know where you are! 


Sacraments and Rites


Holy Communion

Holy Communion


The Sacrament of Baptism is, for Lutherans, the fundamental Sacrament that draws us into the community of faith. God does not need you or your child to be baptized to love you, but Baptism is a visible sign of God's love which is already yours! Baptism is open to all persons. Traditionally, infants are baptized shortly after birth but this Sacrament is open to all persons who feel drawn to God's community of love. If you would like information about baptism, please speak with the Pastor.

Holy Communion

Holy Communion

Holy Communion


Holy Communion--or The Lord's Supper, as Luther would call it--is another Sacrament that Lutherans share. Unlike Baptism, which is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, we share Holy Communion as often as possible. In this Sacrament, Jesus comes among us and calls all people to feast at his table. All Christians are welcomed to share Holy Communion with us at CALC. If you or your child have not had instruction about Communion, you are still invited to join in the feast but do talk with the pastor about it.


Holy Communion



An extension of the Sacrament of Baptism, Confession--both corporate and individual--is a gift of the Church. We trust that God forgives us before we even know to ask, but still remind ourselves of our need for God's mercy and grace. Most Sundays when we gather for worship we confess some of the ways we have fallen short of God's expectations and we hear words of forgiveness from God. This is also possible on a individual basis which can be more detailed with conversation and counseling from our pastor. If you are interested or feel a need for confession, please call the church office.


Pastoral Visits



We are told that, as Christians, we have confidence in the Resurrection. It is why we can stand at the grave and still sing Alleluia! It is precisely into moments of grief and death that the Church is called to stand with those who mourn. You do not need to be a member of CALC to have a funeral. If you would like to have a funeral service in our historic Sanctuary, or would like a minister to lead prayers at the Funeral Home or graveside, please call the church office.


Pastoral Visits

Pastoral Visits


While the marriage of two individuals is something only the state has power to regulate, it is a long-held custom to hold a marriage service in a church. Asking God's blessing on a couple and on their life together, the assembly of God's people and family and friends gather for a wedding. CALC is happy to host your wedding whether you are a member or not. For more information, please call the church office.

Pastoral Visits

Pastoral Visits

Pastoral Visits


We love to extend the community of God's beloved beyond our doors. If you would like a visit--either for conversation  or for prayer--at home, at work, or while in the hospital, please give the church office a call and speak with our pastor about a visit!